Welcome to BLG International a known and trusted brand from many decades in India. Established by Mr Mohit Gambhir, inspired by his grandfather Lt. Basant Lal Gambhir, by carrying his legacy, he has given a new dimension to the business of Asafoetida (Hing) in India. Under his entrepreneurial journey and leadership skills with having depth knowledge of Asafoetida, he has not only established the state-of-art manufacturing unit but also innovated product Krishika Pure Hing which has later become favourites to many chefs & food lovers. BLG international is the largest importer and manufacturer of Asafoetida Hing Company in India, we also export in various country. We procure pure Asafoetida directly from Afganistan, without compromising in quality.


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Machine & Technology


We have fully automated machine and air-conditioned plant from filling till packaging capacity 5 Mt per day.

With advanced functions, clean and sturdy designs, and a simple intuitive user interface, our metal detectors are the easiest way to inspect for foreign bodies.

Our metal detectors inspect the product, checking for ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants, rejecting defective parts from the production line. The high sensitivity and advanced functions of self-check, phase adjustment and tracking unite the utmost reliability with a reduction in losses due to false rejects.

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Mohit Gambhir

Founder & CMD


Aanchal Gambhir


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Developing your concept
from blend to bottle

Largest importer of
Asafoetida in India

We can adapt our process to deliver quality and consistency to serve every need

State of Art infrastructure and laboratory, our highly qualified food technologist take care of every batch of production

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